Generally there's no "set price" for dealing with unwanted animal guests. This is because the total cost of a job is based on factors which vary from home to home, for example the type and size of animal, how much damage it has caused and how many animals are living in the house. To determine the price for our animal removal service please Contact All Things Wild at 615 512-4299.

Discount On Inspection Fee
Senior discount: 10% OR Military discount: 10%
(The 10% discount will be taken off of $179 inspection fee - Not off the total bill)
(Only 1 discount can be used per Inspection - Senior OR Military).

All Things Wild Removes Racoons

Helping with The Cost of Wildlife Removal

There are several things you can do to reduce the overall cost of removal. First, call a reputable company at the first sign of trouble rather than trying to remove an animal yourself. Plugging up the holes used by squirrels to get into your attic may seem like a good idea, but chances are it won't work. The squirrels will either cause more damage around the edge of your patch job or become trapped in the attic, forcing them to chew through interior walls. Trying to seal up skunk entry points poses the same problem and if you trap the skunk underneath your home or shed it will die, leading to a terrible smell coupled with bugs and rot. Removing a dead animal is much more expensive than capturing a live one.